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Congratulations to our very own: Justin Hill

Success in this sport comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation. The beginning of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season for Justin Hill came with its fair share of trials and tributes. One thing however is for certain, he never left anything out on the line, he never went back to the trailer feeling as if he could have pushed any harder. With the odds beginning to stack against him, he knew some big changes needed to be made. Pre-season was filled with Hill constantly feeling under the weather, but this last weekend in San Diego Hill found himself where he is most comfortable, on top of that podium! We extend the warmest of congratulations to Justin Hill and the entire JGR Suzuki team. You have certainly earned it. Thank you for being One of Us.  O’NEAL.