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With 3 World Champs victories, 3 World Cup titles, 18 WC race wins and well over 100 WC races under his belt, Greg Minnaar is the most ‘winningest’ rider in the history of DH Mountain Biking.


Brands are used to working with top riders, but every once-in-a-while you come across someone special. Our sport is relatively young and is still being defined by the people who make the scene progress, both on and off the track. Heros come and go. On it for a season, or a few if they are lucky, and then often fading to make way for the next big thing. Very rarely do riders dominate season after season, their success spanning decades, developing and progressing with the sport.

When they do, these heroes become legends. One such rider is Greg Minnaar.

With 18 victories from well over 100 World Cup races, no other rider in the history of our sport has won as many WC races. And it’s not over yet for the 3 time World Champion and 3 time World Cup Champion.


Greg Minnaar, we salute you and are excited to be working with you again this season.

As we leave Lenzerheide and head for Mt St Anne Greg is biting at the heels of Aaron Gwin and Loic Bruni in the overall standings. With 3 rounds left to go the title race is on!

Watch the 4th episode of THE SYNDICATE featuring Ratboy, Peaty and of course O’NEAL’s Greg Minnaar winning his 18th World Cup Race in Lenzerheide/Switzerland: