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O’Neal team up with Doerfling and Knolly

O’Neal are proud to be clothing and protection sponsor for Knolly’s James Doerfling, Evan Schwartz and Linden Feniak for the rest of 2014 and into next year. O’Neal have a long history of supporting DH riders from grassroots right up to World Champion and this commitment remains. In addition to that, the hook-up with James, Evan and Linden will help to strengthen O’Neal’s presence outside of its roots in MX and DH. As the product range continues to expand ever further into Enduro and All Mountain, working with different riders outside of pure DH is an opportunity to really develop in those disciplines and deliver the products focussed on what riders need.

O’Neal’s Head of Marketing John Firth says:

“We work with the likes of Greg Minnaar and the DIRT Orange guys to make sure our DH range of clothing and protection is constantly developing and advancing. As we become more established outside of DH it’s super important to us to get feedback from riders that are pushing the limits in these disciplines. Seeing O’Neal riders at events such as Rampage and being involved more in that scene will be great for us as a brand, but much more than that is getting kit to the riders long before it hits the shops to make sure it’s the best out there. Even before that, getting them to sit down with the designers at concept stage to tell us really what riders need from their kit and design it from the ground up. Having 3 of the Knolly riders on-board is exciting for us. At O’Neal we see Knolly as one of the most genuine rider-run companies out there. They produce amazing bikes borne out of an intricate understanding of what riders need and are bang smack in the centre of the West Coast BC scene which continues to be a Mecca for our sport and the place to be to keep as up-to-date with the scene as possible. Not only that but these guys hammer their kit, so if it survives a season in their hands then you can guarantee it’ll be OK when it hits the shops the following year!”

James Doerfling riding for O'Neal

James Doerfling riding for O'Neal

Noel Buckley, Owner of Knolly says:
“Great to see a brand such as O’Neal expanding their market presence as it helps to fuel the sport. We are delighted they signed three of Knolly’s team riders James Doerfling, Evan Schwartz and Linden Feniak. Everyone at Knolly is looking forward to driving synergies short and long term with Oneal as they work with associated partners on marketing initiatives!”

James Doerfling riding for O'Neal

James Doerfling: “As both O’Neal and I usher in the next chapters of our mountain bike history I look forward to helping the legendary brand make a big impact in the freeride scene.”


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