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Lukas Weis Column

Hi everybody,

the summertime wasn’t that good for me this season. I crashed during a MX training session during a regular jump and broke my neck. Thankfully the strong O’Neal helmet and the Ortema Neck Brace has prevented worse – thanks to my sponsors for supporting me. My docs did a great job and five months later I was able to make my comeback at the Night of the Jumps in Frankfurt.

On friday I had a good qualification run, but unfortunately I made two small mistakes which earned me only the ninth place. Of course, the highlight was the Best Whip contest. I was able to win it and placed second at the Highest Air Competition. On Saturday I started with a flawless qualification round and took ended in ninth place. The Whip contest wasn’t as good as the day before, but I took home the second place and in the Highest Air Competition placed 2nd again. All in all it was a successful comeback and I am very happy that everything went well.

Ride hard and stay safe

yours Lukas Weis


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