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Rider on the Storm: A James Doerfling Story

James Doerfling: When a fire ravaged the landscape near his home in Canada, James was quick to lend assistance where he could. Now he is back riding his home trails to show that beauty can be found even in devastation.

A true product of his Canadian surroundings, Doerfling is the silent type but when he throws his leg over the frame all eyes are on him.  Growing up with no true trails, he had to be quick on his toes, carving down the Williams Lake mountains where he grew up.  Focusing on mainly films the superstar does dabble in competition on occasion.  He stands by an impressive list of media in which he stars in such as:

  • Kranked 6 – double step-up to his first ever 360 drop (which he cleaned on his first try.)
  •  Kranked 7 – ally-oop on the fin, flip into the chute
  •  Kranked 8 – 360 into a chute with a drop and a wall-ride
  • 2008 Red Bull Rampage – plum drop over the hiking trail
  • Rock the Cariboo – dropping into one of the gnarliest chutes at that time
  • Unit Video 1 – massive drop into an immediate berm, into a jump that went into a chute
  • Unit Video 2 – massive flip to start the season – and every other line.
  • Stund – 40ft drop in Kamloops
  • Builder – Indian air into an inverted wall ride
  • 2015 Red Bull Rampage – massive plum drop

Doerfling pulls inspiration from not only his competitors but from all different forms of bicycling.  He is humble yet determined. If you ask him he does not know when he went “pro” as many athletes do.  He works hard and in the past couple of years has advanced beyond even what he thought was possible. Congratulations to James and his success thus far. We want to thank you for your dedication and for being One of Us.