July 6, 2019

Buchanan, Michigan

O’NEAL Hits the Nations Holiday hard with All New 2020 line at Americas Track!

Nothing screams 4th of July celebration louder than that of the Motocross Nationals at Americans Track, the World Famous Red Bud!  The treacherous track located smack in the middle of Americas Heartland was filled with tens of thousands of screaming fans all gathering to watch the Fastest racers compete in Round 7 of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series!

In Celebration of our 50th year in business, O’NEAL was on the forefront of the famed US National event.  Living legend and longtime O’NEAL rider Mike LaRocco started the weekend off right holding a host of interviews, broadcasts and TV appearances.  LaRocco proudly put on his O’NEAL colors all weekend long in proud support of his longtime friends and sponsors.  LaRocco, the former Champ and nearby Indiana native, also has the honor of his name gracing the most famous and Iconic Jump of all the MX Nationals, LaRoccos Leap!   After taking one look at LaRoccos Leap, the massive launch that precedes the triple jump’s two expansive gaps, one quickly realizes how worthy this famous obstacle is of its global reputation.

O’NEAL rider Dean Wilson made his triumphant return at Red Bud after taking a forced hiatus from racing due to a shoulder Injury.  Dean lined up on his factory Husqvarna for the famed event debuting his all new O’NEAL 2020 Hardwear kit!  Deans return to racing after nearly 3 full months off didn’t disappoint as Dean crashed in the first moto twice but was able to get back up and race from last to 12th to finish strong.  In moto 2 Dean kept it on two wheels and pushed hard to get a 7th in the moto earning him a 9th place overall finish for the day!  In all a great race back and some true grit in pushing through the pain to earn a top ten finish.

O’NEAL Rider Freddie Noren rounded out the top 10 with a 10th overall Finish for the day!  Freddie has only been a member of the Factory JGR Suzuki team for less than 14 days and this is just his 2nd race on the Suzuki.  However Freddie continues to Team to turn heads as he completes his 2nd week in a row with a top 10 finish with the new team!  There is no doubt Freddie has the talent and drive and with race results such as this Freddie is sure to continue to impress.

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