Loretta Lynn’s 2020 Race Recap – O’Neal News

Although a little different in 2020 as the World’s Largest Amateur Motocross race, Loretta Lynn’s once again proved itself as the riders pinnacle pit stop on the way to MX Stardom!

As part of the continued pledge to, “Fuel the Future” the #Onealriders qualified for Loretta’s in greater numbers than ever before! O’NEAL supported athletes pushed themselves to new limits crushing their motos with the drop of each gate. Many of the O’NEAL sponsored athletes fought their way to top 10 finishes with several wins and podium results! A few stand-outs were the repeat Vet 30+ Class winner Nicholas Hayes, the 250cc C Jr winner Dakota Bender, and the girls class winner Katie Benson.

Congratulations to all the elite athletes that qualified for Lorettas and a huge shout out to the large number of athletes representing O’NEAL so well throughout the entire week!

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