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O’Neal welcomes Hannes Ackermann

O’NEAL is proud to announce that the 4 time German FMX Champion Hannes Ackermann is now part of their FMX line-up. The 24 year old KTM Team rider started to ride FMX in 2001 and is a well known and respected rider in the global FMX scene with top 5 results in the World Championship.

O'Neal team rider Hannes Ackermann

„I’m happy to get the opportunity to ride for the O’Neal family. I’m looking forward to a long term partnership“ said Ackermann. Hannes switched from 2-stroke to 4-stroke KTM recently, is fully motivated and has already invented a new trick called the Porti Air Backflip.

O'Neal team rider Hannes Ackermann

Tobias Hannig, O’NEAL Europe’s (F)MX rider manager says, „I’ve known Hannes since the beginning of his career. He is an innovative and professional rider and we are really excited to be working with him.“

O'Neal team rider Hannes Ackermann

Hannes Ackermann will participate the whole NIGHT of the JUMPs FIM FMX World Championship Tour and selected international and national events in 2015.

More information about Hannes on our O’NEAL athlete page.


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