The 2019 Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada proved once again to be a spectacular off season race. This year the track crew kept the riders on their toes by designing three different layouts on one race course. O’NEAL’s Factory Rockstar Husqvarna rider Dean Wilson started off strong putting down the fastest lap in the first practice! However, during qualifying Dean was pushing hard to put down another fast lap when tragedy stuck. Dean was bucked over the bars and unfortunately suffered a dislocated hip. Dean is currently being evaluated and will return to racing soon. Heal up Deano!!

The #ONEALRIDERS privateers were out in force in Vegas!  Justin Starling, Colton Aeck, Deven Raper, Cade Autenreith and Cheyenne Harmon were all riding awesome on the challenging track. Starling would make the cut, qualifying 15th, which put him in the position to automatically advance into the night show. For the rest of our riders it was time to push in the LCQ. Aeck fought hard but came out with a 6th overall in the LCQ which led him to be first alternate for the main event.  Starling would continue on to the main event finishing 14-10-9 for an incredible 11th overall. Great ride Justin!

The countries fastest Amateur 250 and Supermini riders took part in the monster cup where they were able to battle on the same track as their hero’s! O’NEAL’s Brock Papi and Braden O’Neal had to prove themselves against the fastest amateur racers of our sport. Papi fought hard and earned a 3rd overall for a 2nd and 3rd place average. Congrats Brock! O’NEAL’s Super-Mini riders Thomas Welch, Hayden Robinson, and Coen Eiklenborg took to the track to do battle as well. Welch finished with a 6th overall finish, Eiklenborg a 19th overall and Robinson finishing with a 22nd overall finish.

Congratulations to all the #ONEALRIDERS who fought hard at the 2019 Monster Energy Cup and we wish Dean Wilson a quick recovery.

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