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NIGHT of the JUMPs Frankfurt

O’Neal’s Hannes Ackermann and Lukas Weis participated at the final round of the NIGHT of the JUMPs FIM Freestyle MX World Championship in Frankfurt.

Lukas Weis made a great comeback after his neck injury during the summer. He won the Best Whip contest on friday with impressive Whips! On saturday he placed 2nd in Best Whip and in the Highest Air competition.

The new O’Neal team member Hannes Ackermann rode really well on saturday night. He showed tricks like Holygrab, Tsunami Backflip, Seatgrab Backflip and of course, his signature Porti Air Backflip. Unfortunately he missed the final only by a few points and ended up on 7th place.

The 2015 season kick-off will be in Sofia (Bulgaria) January 10th 2015.


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