Mini O’s: Race Highlights

Congratulations to all of our riders this past weekend at Gatorback MX park!

We saw some amazing success at the Mini O’s this past weekend. Below is how our O’Neal riders faired up against the stacked classes throughout the weekend!

51cc 4-6

1st Tatum Michaels (Shown)

51cc 7-8

3rd Kevyn De Pinho

65 7-11

6th Kai Buerge

85cc 12-13

2nd Bryce Shelly

Supermini 2

2nd Bryce Shelly

450 PRO

5th Christian Fernandez

250b limited

2nd Jace Kessler

6th Devin Simonson


5th Devin Simonson

450b limited

2nd  Devin Simonson


3rd   Devin Simonson

Congratulations to all of our O’Neal riders and thank you for being One of Us!

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Mayhem Hexx Pant

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