Loretta Lynns:

Amazing job to all of our riders down at the ranch this weekend.  Punching your ticket is no easy feat, and with such stacked fields the racing is even harder. Our Team posted impressive results at the end of the weekend:

Overall Results:

450 B: Christian Fernandez: 1st

450 B Limited: Devin Simonson: 2nd

250 B: Devin Simonson: 8th

250 B Limited: Jace Kessler: 9th

Schoolboy 1 (12-17): Jace Kessler: 7th

65cc (7-9) Limited: Manuel Dumais: 10th

65cc (7-9) Limited: Austin Camden: 15th

65cc (10-11) Limited: Riley Ojeda: 36th

O’Neal would like to extend a congratulations to all of our riders and their families. Thank you for being One of Us!

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