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Ackermann podiums in China

O’NEAL’s Hannes Ackermann celebrated his first ever NIGHT of the JUMPs FMX World Championship podium in China.

One of the biggest improvements of the NIGHT of the JUMPs season was from O’NEAL’s Hannes Ackermann who stood on the podium for the very first time in his FIM FMX World Championship career. After an incredible qualification round, Hannes put together a supersized run of Onehand Seatgrab Flips, 360 Nac’s and the Volt, which although was a little sketchy, he held onto it and showed that he’s writing a new chapter in his career as he took 3rd place.


Hannes: „Night of the Jumps China was a big success for me. Before the long summer break I won one round of European FMX Championship in Hamburg and it felt really good. Unfortunately not all top riders were riding there, cause some went to X-Fighters. I knew I had to practice hard to be on the podium at the World Championship event in China. I used the 3 months and learned a few new tricks like the Volt, Onehand Seatgrab Flip and Lazyboy Flip. Thanks to my teammate Emma McFerran for all the good advices.”


Hannes: “I felt really good in practice so I chose to put my biggest tricks in one run. A little mistake put me in 3rd position in qualifying but I landed my first Volt to dirt.”

Be sure to watch the highlights of the NIGHT of the JUMPs China:

Hannes: “A lot of pressure was gone then and I could relax a bit for my final run. I added some combos to my qualification run like 360 Nac and Onehand Seatgrab Flip instead of a normal Hart Attack Flip. The only problem was my volt cause I jumped up a little bit to high and landed in superman but I didn’t crash. The judges market me down so I ended up 3rd again. But I was really pumped and I’ll work hard to make it happen again. Hard work pays off!“


Hannes’ next FMX FIM World Championship event will be the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Brazil, November 7th.