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Azonic Outlaw32 Wheel Set Ano/Red

Your price: $399.99
Suggested retail price: $399.99


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• Double-wall, welded, design rim with a wide profile for extra strength and rigidity

• 32 spoke construction for added strength and pedaling efficiency

• 6061-T6 Aluminum rim construction

• Front wheel converts from Q/R, 15mm & 20mm thru axles

• Comes with conversion kit

• 135mm & 150mm rear spacing

• Weight- 135: 2340g set, 150: 2362g set



135: 2340g (F 1080g + R 1260g)

150: 2362g (F 1080g + R 1282g)



Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Joint: Welded

Internal width: 25mm

Valve hole diameter: 8.7mm

Braking surface: DISC only




Front hub shell: 2 cartridge bearings

Front axle length: M5 QR

     20mm axle adaptor (W/O through axle)

Rear hub shell: 4 cartridge bearings

Rear axle length: M5 QR

     135: 12mm through axle

     150: 12mm through axle

Freehub material: Steel




Size: 6804 Front, 6902 Rear

Width: 7mm

Diameter: Front ID 20mm / OD 32mm

                  Rear ID 15mm / OD 28mm


Material: Stainless Steel

Number: 32



Material: Brass


Tire: Pnuematic

Tire size: 1.9” ~ 2.25”